Premium Quality Crafted Cannabis

Our Product

What We Grow

Our unique portfolio of genetics have been hand picked for their flavor, terpene profiles and cannabinoid levels. Years of phenotype testing has left us with over two dozen rare and sought after strains currently unavailable in the Canadian marketplace. We proudly showcase the breeders behind these genetics who carved the path for today’s industry and pay respect to the long standing culture behind our plants.

How We Grow


We choose each strain based on its phenotype characteristics and market availability. Each genetic has to have top end terpenes, flavor and cannabinoid profiles before making the final cut.

The Grow

Our purpose built facility is separated into small batch, fully customized rooms designed to optimize the CO2, temperature and humidity levels. This small batch style also minimizes the likelihood of plant pathogens or disease throughout the production cycle. We grow under LED lighting using Coco Coir medium and drip irrigation. Everything we do is to make sure our plants can thrive from clone right down to the final day of harvest.


Each batch goes through a flushing period ahead of harvest to make sure we have the smoothest flavor, taste and cleanest burn possible. Once we’re ready for the chop, each plant is hang dried over a 6 week period until ready for curing.