What is Kief?

Kief is a collection or batch of the dried resinous trichomes from the cannabis plant. It’s usually collected after the curing or trimming process on a screen or sometimes at the bottom of a curing container. We like to think of it as the cream of the crop.

What makes it "Craft" cannabis?

Craft cannabis is a specialized style of growing that focuses on optimizing the plants full potential through advanced production and curing techniques. Craft cannabis focuses on higher quality products providing more complex terpene profiles, flavor and aroma to create that premium experience. The real “Craft” begins with the selection of genetics, then extreme focus is placed throughout the production process, optimizing each growing environment to be strain specific and finally hand harvesting/trimming and slow curing the flower.

True craft growers have refined growing and curing techniques and select higher quality finicky strains that take more time and effort to grow. Many large corporations focus on easily grown commercial production strains with limited flavor. Often times these large corporate grows are flash dried rather than cured leaving a mid-grade quality product.